Thursday, August 31, 2017

Spending the day out in nature with B-Naked

Something that many people don't know about B-Naked, he enjoys going for naked journeys.  I have had the pleasure of being asked to join him on a couple on a couple of different occasions to capture his time spent outdoors.

He keeps busy in his spare time being a father and working on his fitness and trying to fit in as many naked journeys as possible.  Over the last couple of years, he has spent time on himself working out. As you can see below, his hard-work has paid off.

He has such a great nature about him and a wonderful sense of humor which had me laughing all afternoon.

Hope you enjoy his photos as much as I did working with him.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Holden - First Time Model

When I met Holden, he was very excited about the opportunity of a photoshoot.  He is an athlete and is very comfortable with his body but had never done any modeling before.  When he showed up for the shoot, I met him at his car.  He said he was a bit nervous, let me tell you, once he got in front of the camera, he was a natural and you would have never known he was nervous.   From the looks of it, it the complete opposite, he appeared to be very excited to be there, which made for a very fun afternoon.  

"Caring for people is really important to me and drives most of what I do. I'm going into nursing because I feel like I will be able to walk away everyday knowing that I helped someone in some way."

"Being outside is really important to me. Especially after spending extended time in the city, I find it important to be able to get away and just be. I love living in the PNW where everything is so accessible. My favorite things to do are run trails in the cascades in the summer and ski the mountains in the winter."

"Being present with people is also really important to me. And I really value spending time with friends and creating experiences to share."

Well Holden did create a fantastic experience to share with you as you can see from some of his photos.

Kurt - Single Dad, takes on a new adventure - Spending time for himself. 

I met Kurt after he had inquired about doing a photoshoot.  He was looking to do something different and making him step out of his comfort zone  He said he hadn't had any photo's taken since his graduation pictures, a few years back.   We met up, he was a bit nervous but excited at the same time.  

We took a small hike out into the woods, trying to find the perfect place for the shoot. We set up the gear and starting shooting away.  He didn't take him long to warm up to the camera and he had a fantastic time.  He felt very at ease and liked the attention the camera was giving him.  He is a single dad, so his time is limited and spending time for himself is something he is not accustom to.  Let's show Kurt some love on his photos and maybe just maybe we will share more of his adventure.  


Here is a photo from my shoot yesterday with Alex.